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Impact of Minus Approach in efficient water treatment

Though it's safe to drink, the water that comes out of your faucet may not be quite clean. Although chlorine has traditionally been the go-to chemical for treating water, it frequently carries traces of unidentified pollutants and disinfection byproducts. To deal with these hazardous consequences, researchers at the Georgia Institute of Technology created the minus strategy. The minus technique does away with sophisticated oxidation processes, chemical coagulants, and disinfectants that are commonly used in water treatment procedures in favor of a more conventional chemical addition method (referred to as the plus approach). It employs a special combination of filtration techniques to eliminate pathogens and byproducts, allowing water treatment facilities to use UV light and significantly lower chemical disinfectant dosages to reduce the growth of germs in the distribution system in the future. Its primary objective is to achieve these outcomes while minimizing the reliance on chemical treatments, which can give rise to various issues in the main water treatment stream. Rock Spring Tech is a leading Water treatment chemicals supplier in Bahrain for contributing in efficient water treatment initiative.

Using these reliable techniques, the minus approach physically isolates emergent pollutants and disinfection byproducts from the primary water treatment process:

  • Water from artificial or naturally occurring banks, such as lakes or rivers, is removed using bank filtration. Water naturally filters away pollutants, suspended particles, and some microbes as it passes through the layers of gravel and dirt.
  • By allowing water to flow through filter beds composed of sand, gravel, or activated carbon, which can foster the growth of advantageous microbes that can remove toxins, bio filtration treats water via biological processes.
  • Adsorption is the process of capturing pollutants with an adsorbent substance, such as activated carbon.
  • A semi-permeable membrane is used in membrane filtration to extract particles and contaminants from the primary treatment procedure.
  • The goal of the minus method is to involve the water community in the creation of more intelligent, sustainable, and safe systems. The negative method may be used right away because its technologies are ready and tested.

Additionally, it may be integrated with artificial intelligence (AI) to increase the efficiency of filtering. Artificial intelligence (AI) may help with decision-support systems, process optimization, predictive maintenance, defect detection and diagnostics, and energy optimization. AI models have also effectively recognized pipeline corrosion and microbiological contamination, enabling timely and effective repair.

AI models have also been able to accurately forecast the source of various forms of pollution in source water. Rock Spring Tech is a leading Filtration system supplier Bahrain to efficiently help with the water filtration and cleaning process with innovative techniques and traditional expertise. For more information, visit