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Ozone supplier in Bahrain

Since of its great disinfection and oxidation qualities, ozone is broadly utilized for drinking water treatment. Ozone is a colourless gas that has an odour compared to the scent of the air after a major electrical storm. Ozone incorporates a more prominent disinfection adequacy against microscopic organisms and viruses compared to chlorination. Rock spring tech is the best choice for receiving the finest quality of ozone in the UAE. They are also a famous ozone supplier in Bahrain.

Water softener

Water Softeners evacuate emphatically charged ions that add hardness to the water and make it perilous for utilization. Water softeners are exceedingly effective and capable of changing over hard Water which contains broken-up minerals in the form of Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg), and Iron (Fe) to soft water. Usually accomplished with the assistance of softening resin. With time, the resin within the water softener will become depleted, and the water softener will recover using a brine solution produced from the salt in the brine tank.

Odour control system supplier

Odour can be caused by various odours produced during various wastewater treatment processes. The odours produced in wastewater treatment plants are mainly in the form of amines (fishy smell), ammonia, NH3 (ammonia smell), diamines (rotten meat smell), hydrogen sulfide, H2S (rotten egg smell), organic sulfides (rotten cabbage smell), nice smell)and such.

In terms of odour control, activated carbon is used to adsorb odorous compounds into the activated carbon material. Odorous air passes across a bed of activated carbon, the resulting occurrence of the adsorptive process and releasing clean air into the atmosphere. Rock spring tech has plenty of experience in this field and is also a successful odour control system supplier in Bahrain and UAE.

Grey water treatment

Rock spring tech specialized in greywater recycling systems. They plan, supply, install and commission plants with the most noteworthy quality materials and administrations. Grey water is family squander except for sewage water kitchen squander. As a responsible company rock spring unequivocally suggest recycling this waste water rather than squandering it within the sewer. It helps save a bounty of valuable fresh water and puts less burden on the municipal treatment system.

Oil interceptor Supplier

Rock spring tech is one of the finest companies in UAE managing profoundly specialized oil division units. They have introduced such units for Dubai Region. They are also a popular oil interceptor supplier in Bahrain. They design, introduce, and operate hydrocarbon partition units. This unit is exceedingly viable in anticipating the release of oil spills in storm water. The unit can withhold expansive and sudden oil spills these units can cover a huge surface range and descend rainfall. The unit is equipped with a high oil level sensor unit, a high silt level sensor unit, a high water level sensor unit, show unit with alert indications.