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Oil Interceptor Suppliers in Bahrain

Oil interceptor suppliers in Bahrain

The oil interceptors are required at industrial and commercial sites for preventing the mix-up of water, oil and petrol. Accidental leakage and spillage of oil can enter the drainage system. In the long run, it can create serious issues for the environment. Water bodies, soil and natural wildlife can get affected. It is time to switch to the best alternatives such as oil interceptors to protect the environment around us. It is our duty to ensure that the oil does not contaminate water and the soil. At Rock Spring Tech, we provide all types of state-of-the-art solutions to the customers. We are the leading oil interceptor supplier in Bahrain.

Technical details about the oil interceptor

In the oil interceptor, there can be multiple chambers. After the entry of contaminated water, the oil gradually rises to the top and the cleaner water is transferred to the next chamber. As a result, the oil residue is left behind. More and more oil is removed when the water flows through each chamber. At the end, only the clean water is released into the atmosphere

Who should use an oil interceptor?
  • Industrial facilities
  • Garages
  • Car parks

The management of such facilities must use such systems or else the environmental agencies/government can take strict actions. Approach the best oil interceptor supplier in Bahrain, Rock Spring Tech, to fulfill your needs

There are multiple benefits of using oil intercepts such as
  • Easy removal of oil, grease and other< li>
  • Environmental compliance
  • Improved wastewater treatment
  • Reduced maintenance

We are the best oil interceptor suppliers in Bahrain. Contact our technical team to learn more about different sizes and classes of oil interceptor. Share your needs and requirements with us so that we can suggest the best oil interceptor that is capable of handling your requirement.